Flourish is an eco friendly brand with the intent to be  displayed at skincare conventions. I created this brand name back in 2019, for a project at WWU. Through process pages, feedback, and critique I conceived Flourish to help emphasis the care and impact we can make to preserve nature. 

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Case Study


Plastic has become the largest threat and impact on environments.

In 2018 statistics came out 7.9 billion units of plastic were used for the manufacturing of packages for beauty products worldwide. According to PlasticOceans.org we are creating 380 million tons with 50% being a single use purpose in the U.S. Plastic packaging makes up 30% of U.S waste annually and according to The Environmental Protection Agency only 9% of the plastic used for packaging is recycled. 

Because of the effect that plastic has on nature and how important we as a species need Mother Nature and what she provides I wanted to emphasis the "eco - friendly" aspect of my brand. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I wanted to add culture as a relative theme.

Mood Board

 - Green

 - Sophisticated

 - Rococo


"If we all take one step and make one change in our day we can change the world." 


Logo Design

This set up thumbnails are my various concepts of what the logo might have to give it a unique flare. I wanted the logo to have an icon because I didn't want my brands name to be too vague. I believe if the designer goes with a one word title that there should be some emphasis on what you're selling regarding services.  


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Later I decided to go with lips as the icon and wanted them to be made out of a leaf like texture to emphasize being eco friendly. 

Second Round

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After several sessions of critiques later I found my final version out of the many revisions and I ended up settling with Futura font.  

I realized in a previous draft that my lip logo looked like a walnut because I had mirrored the leaf midrib so the top lip looked like a second leaf. 

Final Decision


Box, Bag, and Bottle 


In order to give the brand an opportunity to expand to become more wholesome I created several concepts of different packaging designs. On paper I laid down any ideas that sounded appealing to me. I focused on a box, bag, and bottle because these packages are likely to appear at conventions for attendees.  

This art board was meant to revolve around a mythical and vintage feeling. I focused on the leaves in rococo designs and planned for the box to be made from recyclable paper. 

In this art board I wanted to mix rococo designs with a Japanese neon touch. 

This design was meant to emphasize an app-reciation for Asian culture. Instead of rococo I wanted to focus on a wave like design.  

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Box, Bag, and Bottle 

To assist in simplifying my decisions for which direction to go I also eliminated color pallets and decided to go with green, black, and white. After that I pursued which kind of packaging was the best. 

Flourish mockup bag.jpg

Box, Bag, and Bottle 


In the end I did resort to a green Rococo design to keep the the theme green. After much feedback I came to realize my previous versions weren't as strong or mature as I would've liked and after going back I discovered that the practicality for each was typical and common. 

For my box design I felt inspired by Lord of the Rings  and I produced the idea of food being carried by leaves. This box was created to be a multi purpose carrier and created from one sheet of bamboo paper. Attendees could receive this package when receiving convention gifts, beauty kits, carrying food, and products.


For my bag design I decided to focus on the exterior as if an attendee was exiting with makeup, clothing, or any other products. I wanted the bag to appear sturdy and have resemblance of a rock like texture. 


For my bag design I decided to focus on the exterior as if an attendee was exiting with makeup, clothing, or any other products. I wanted the bag to appear sturdy and have resemblance of a rock like texture. 

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