Western Washington University

Bachelors in the Fine Arts
Design Major 

Spring 2020






Future Plans

In the future I hope to gain more experience and expand my knowledge with Design and Illustration by working in a Firm, or In House, and increase my clientele range from individuals to well known organizations. Working in the gaming community would also be a dream come true. In ten years from now I can see myself living in a city, working hard to participate in a team to create the latest product that will be mass produced.    

Kirkland coffee k-cups, feet, a day without productivity 

I was born in the Hunan province of China and was adopted when I was a few months old by a couple who lived in Denver, Colorado. When I turned the age of 9 my family moved to the North West peninsula to secure and expand my fathers audiology business so my sister and I could go to school. 

Through high school I participated in school plays, after school clubs, was the ASB publicity chairmen, and was Team Captain for my high schools swim team. 

Once out of Highschool I went on to community college, then transferred to Western Washington University to complete my Bachelors degree. I graduated with a Fine Arts Degree in Design and minored in Film Studies.


Rococo art and designs, pop art, geometric designs, and abstraction.

Salvador Dali, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, Francis Bacon, Théodore Géricault, Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Laughing, participating in nerd culture, Fashion, creating digital art, browsing thrift stores, getting caught up on the newest trend, Makeup,  Bats, Cats, and Dark aesthetics.

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